Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup Soccer "Vuvuzela (trumpet)" Update

With all the controversy over the horn-blowing vuvuzela soccer fans at South Africa's World Cup, this photo explains a lot. If you've watched any matches you may have noted that players and coaches are complaining they can't hear on the field. Sound technicians at television stations around the world have worked feverishly to find a way to filter out the horn-blowing that is even more obnoxious live than it is via satellite or cable. But really, do a few network computer geeks think they can filter out this trumpeter? I wouldn't want to be the one to keep his trumpet-playing from being heard.

In a crucial decision handed down by FIFA last week, the vuvuzela will not be banned from any World Cup stadiums. Trumpeting isn't only an African cultural artifact, its big business in thousands of kiosks surrounding each venue. And for our trumpeteer, its more than commerce. Its a mission. The vuvuzela is to South Africa's 2010 World Cup as hot dogs and apple pie were to the USA's 1994 World Cup. The Africans are buying the plastic horns in droves and, apparently, word has gotten out beyond the confines of Johannesburg. One of the most heralded horn-blowers of all time was photographed recently in the stands, lending his heavenly talents to the ruckus in South Africa this month. Doesn't he have family playing for Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, or maybe even the USA?


Go Moroni!

Bring home the cup to the New World!

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Anonymous said...

Forget the trumpets....Do we have Vol. 5, Compass of God, yet? We are getting anxious.

Sandra said...

I don't often lament the fact that I don't have cable t.v., but, suprisingly enough, I have found myself wishing I did so I could watch a few games. Brandi has 100% converted me to soccer and I love it!

And yes, David, ditto to what anonymous said about Vol 5. Will there be a peek at booksellers this year?

Matsby said...

Hi I am glad you like the Moroni at the world cup picture I made. You will probably also like the other pictures I've made like it. Here is my site, where that picture was originally posted...