Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Presidential Politics Comes to Utah

by David G. Woolley
Mitt Romney was in Utah last weekend hosting President Bush and John McCain at his Deer Valley retreat. You may be surprised to know that when Mitt's sons were in college at Brigham Young University, I threw out two very ugly wall hanging bear lamps their mother, Anne, intended for the family cabin retreat. Apparently Anne and I have different tastes in home furnishings. Her sons left the lamps atop a refrigerator in a student apartment over the Christmas break and I assumed they were junk. Sorry about that Mrs. Romney.

With all the presidential hulabaloo last weekend, I decided to try to get a photo of some of the dignitaries. I was also hoping to apologize to Anne. Wouldn't you know it, I ran into John McCain, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush in the Park City Albertson's Grocery store. They were picking up some last minute items for the party. I was looking for a battery for my camera.

Woolley: So you're having a lot of guests this weekend?

Romney: The grill only holds twenty dogs at a time. Anne is gonna be ticked.

Woolley: She gets upset?

Romney: Food and home furnishings. She's pretty protective about both.

Woolley: I was thinking about standing with the press outside the cabin gates for a photo. But maybe not. Will Anne be there?

Bush: Its not really a cabin, shorty. Have you seen the place? Its got, like, eight chimneys. They don't have those in Texas.

McCain: Don't be such a wimp, Woolley. Elbow yourself in there, stand with those fetchers in the media and get yourself a photo. I'll smile your way.

Woolley: So you don't actually like all those media types?

Bush: Hey boys, you want the all beef foot longs or the Oscar Meyers?

Romney: Can't we get both?

McCain: Hold on Mitt. Fund raising isn't going so well. Why do you think I agreed to do this Utah gig?

Bush: I'll bet you a Texas horned toad Obama gets both for his private parties.

McCain: We're going to run a respectful campaign, George. No bashing. No personal attacks. Keep to the issues.

Bush: Hot dogs?

McCain: George!

Woolley: So this is a private affair?

Romney: $70,000 gets you a seat on the sofa.

Woolley: I can stand.

Romney: No discounts.

Bush: I didn't prepare a speech. Not a lot of spare time. There's a war on, you know. Its a Q & A format. You can ask me anything.

McCain: How much are the foot longs?

Bush: We all saw the same intelligence report, didn't we?

Woolley: So senator, who are you going to choose as VP? Everyone's asking.

McCain: Money first. You can pay Mitt.

Romney: I'm only doing the collections to help Republicans across the country get elected to office. You understand.

Woolley: So you don't want the job, is that what your saying Mitt?

McCain: He wants it. Everyone wants it. I love it.

Bush: That's it. No more free questions.

Woolley: I hate bear lamps.

Romney: We got a live one in packaged meats, George. Get your secret service guys over here. Now!

I got out of the store fast. Didn't want any suit with a wire in his ear reporting me to Anne. Those secret service guys know everything about everyone. I decided Bush is a better fund raiser than Romney, but not necessarily a better businessman. He knows how to set a firm price in this volatile market. I also decided there's no way McCain is going to choose Romney as VP. He doesn't have a large enough grill.

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Rebecca Talley said...

Very entertaining!

David G. Woolley said...

Finally Rebecca, someone found me. I've been blogging here all by myself, wondering if anyone cared. I suppose it would help if I told someone I was here, but I am too bashful to gg around announcing a blog. So I blog for myself, by myself, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thanks for joining me. Come back again and bring someone with you who has enough guts to actually leave a comment.

All the best,

David G. Woolley

Karen M said...

Hadn't heard of you before today but I enjoyed your blogs, too. I also enjoyed what your young friend wrote. Thanks for including it.
Thank you, also, for including photos. I like that.
Question - are you related to the chemistry prof at BYU?

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hilarious! I love your blog! I'll be sure to stop back often.

Sandra said...

Yay comments. I have not left as many comments as I would like so as to avoid the appearance of being a stalker!

Love your writing.

David G. Woolley said...

Sandra: Please stalk all you want. Its great for reaserch. The mind of an online stalker....could be a great novel in the making.

Miss Danyelle Ferguson: Lots of fun. Come back often. This could end up being a very funny place. Unless, of course, we have some serious things that require attention. Talk to you soon, we all hope.

And Karen: just between you and me, I hadn't heard of you either. Makes two of us. But now that we're both in the know, its great to cross paths with you. Chemistry Professor Woolley? I get that a lot. I took inorganic, organic, bio chem, and about fifty other chem classes at the Y. Everyone wanted to know if I got a break because my dad was in the department. Give me a break! We're not related within about five generations, but when you hit the sixth generation we get into that messey deal with Edwin D. Woolley the bishop of the Salt Lake City 13th ward. What a hoot he was. He once said that a little 13 year old boy in his ward would never amount to anything beacuse he spent all his time throwing a baseball against the familiy barn when he should be repairing the structure for his widowed mother. Good thing he didn't listen to Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa Woolley otherwise Heber J. Grant never would have won a baseball championships or president of the LDS church. Prophets have a way of hiding their talents behind their humility. Or behind the barn!

All the best to all three of you.

David G. Woolley

Kerry Blair said...

You DO blog every day! DGW, you are amazing! But as if it's not enough to have blogs to catch up on, one has to read all the comments as well. Some of the best stuff is in here . . .

The interview is a classic. I'm forwarding it to a friend on McCain's staff.

bon said...

Oh. My. Heck! WHEN do you recharge your batteries??? Isn't State Cup around the corner...?