Thursday, August 28, 2008

Memorial Services

Memorial Service in Remembrance of Javier & Walfred Rabanales
A special memorial service honoring Javier and Walfred Rabanales and their humanitarian work will be held in Utah during the third week of September. As soon as the location, date and time have been finalized Top of the Morning will post that information right here. We are hopeful that the Rabanales children and other family members will join us for this special remembrance.

Memorial Gathering In Remembrance of All Crash Victims
Many thanks to officials with CHOICE Humanitarian for a heart felt remembrance of the Guatemalan plan crash victims Friday evening, August 29th. You can view photos and get details of the memorial gathering in this Deseret News article, at this Deseret News slide show, this KSL news clip, and this Fox News video segment. A memorial assistance fund to help the surviving Rabanales children Josue, Daniel & Lara as well as other crash victims can be found here.

Please comment with any memorial thoughts or words of comfort for family and friends.

*Editor's Note: David G. Woolley and the Top of the Morning staff will return to their regularly scheduled posting beginning Sunday, August 31st with a previously announced installment titled Borders. Until then, thank you for your patience during this difficult time.


David G. Woolley said...

Thank you everyone for your comments here at the Top of the Morning. Please continue posting any memorial thoughts or remembrances here or on the "Good By Dear Friends" post below where most of the memorials have been posted. Your words are a balm to many aching hearts.

Top of the Morning will post updates about the coming memorial service in September as soon as those details are finalized.

Meghan said...

Thank you for having a memorial here in Utah for the Rabanales's. I know a lot of Utahn's were effected, and though we can't fly to Guatemala, it will help to grieve here in Utah. Thank you. -Meghan

David G. Woolley said...

Thanks Meghan. So many of us in Utah held deep personal affection and for and had strong ties of friendship with Javier and Walfred. We think it would be very appropriate to have a special memorial for them scheduled far enough in advance to allow everyone who knew them the opportunity to attend. And we're very hopeful that Josue, Daniel and Lara along with other family members will be able to attend. Thanks to the generosity of family friends here in Utah, we think that will be a reality.

All the best,

David G. Woolley

Señor Dangriga said...

I knew the Rabanales for a few brief months in 1996 when I was assigned to their ward as a missionary, Javier had just been called as bishop then. They were the best of the best, and Guatemala is a poorer place without them.

Karin Estrada said...

Hey David,
Abel sent you an e-mail. He has tried to phone you but your messages were filled up. We would like to talk to you. Who all is involved with planning the memorial. There are some issues with getting the children here, please contact either Abel or I. You can reach Abel at 8016719129. Or you can reach me at 8017060112. Look forward to hearing from you. Karin

jeannine said...

I have been on many trips with Walfred and Javier and the children. When are the children arriving in Utah? Can you please email me ( and let me know the status of those plans. Walfred is my dear friend. Thanks- jeannine

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