Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God Bless President Obama

by David G. Woolley

I didn't vote for President Obama. And if the election were held again today I wouldn't vote for him. But I happily, and with all my heart say, "God bless President Obama."

I disagree fundamentally with President Obama's social and economic agenda. Printing billions of yen on a printing press and flooding the economy with those yen did absolutely nothing for the Japanese economy. It was a decade of failed government bail out philosophy aimed at turning the tide on terrible recession.

It will do nothing for the United States.

I am no fan of government regulation, but despite that conservative view, I favor changing the rules on banking and bringing the entire global economy under stiffer regulation including hedge funds which are in the category of too-big-to-fail. That's where Obama should focus his economic recovery efforts: changing the monetary policy of not just the US but of countries across the world with an emphasis on not allowing any financial institution to become too big to fail and prohibiting financial institutions from taking risks too large for their balance sheets to cover.

I am concerned that President Obama will cripple the free flow of ideas, money, and entrepreneurship across state and national borders, in favor of taking steps towards monolithically slow, cumbersome, unwilling-to-change government-run institutions in not only the financial sectors, but other industries as well. I fear we will wake up one morning and say, "Woe is me, they have taken away our innovation, our creative ideas, and our economic freedom and left us with a society of waiters.” Waiting in line for everything from milk to money.

I wish President Obama would put aside ideology in favor of the economy. He has asked conservatives to give on government regulation issues as they pertain to financial institutions, but he has not asked Liberals to satiate their appetite for government intervention and spending when it clearly is not the answer and has proven time and time again to do nothing but ease our pain in the near term while prolonging the suffering over the longer term.

President Obama is clearly not willing to give up the liberal spending ideas, but he is asking conservatives to back off on government regulation.

I didn't like then candidate Obama’s economic approach in July. I was more concerned about it in October. I do not support President Obama’s economic plan in January.

That's why I wouldn't vote for him if the election were held today.

And then there are all those nasty, emotion-packed, social agenda issues that tell us much more about a person’s private morality than they ever have power to socially engineer our country toward some sort of conservative or liberal utopia. I don't agree with nearly all, if not all, of Obama's social agenda. I think it stinks.

That said, I can honestly, and with all the hope in my heart ask God to bless President Obama. No matter what your political persuasion, you can only hope that he will have the humility to hear the wisdom echoing down through the centuries from inspired founders and have the desire to be, like them, inspired of God and follow the divinely revealed lead in the unchanging principles enshrined in our constitution—something the news media decried in George Bush, but may laud in President Barack Obama.

So I say again, God bless President Obama.

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Wight Family said...


Tiff said...

Well said....I agree with you all the way. Only, I wasn't so nice as to say God Bless Obama. But, I think you're right. We should pray for him...maybe more than we would have prayed for another candidate had they won.

Sandra said...

And God bless America.

Well, said, Dave

Jennie said...

David, we see eye to eye on this one. I think we need to pray for him and his family, we need to pray for our country, and pray for the best for all of us. But it's foolish to get carried away with the mania that is sweeping the country for someone with faulty economic and social agendas and who hasn't even done anything yet by which we can judge him. We can and should give him our respect and acknowledge the things I'm sure he'll do right, even hope he'll humble himself to seek God's wisdom in the tough decisions he'll have to make, but this rock star reverence the media and most of the country are heaping on him are ridiculous.

The Boob Nazi said...

I bet you don't think Seriously, so Blessed is funny either.

David G. Woolley said...

Hi Boob Nazi:

I'm not sure I understand your comment, entirely.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandra said...

Dave, my guess would be that Bood Nazi is talking about this blog:

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Just for the record: I'll still be your EFF. Will you still be mine?

I'm an Obama supporter.