Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birth of a Christmas Carol

*Editor's Note: The Top of the Morning staff would like to apologize for the unanticipated week-long silence. Author David G. Woolley took a rather serious tumble last weekend and we've been awaiting the recovery of his head.

All is well and we're pleased to announce that the fall knocked some sense into him along with an idea for a historical fiction short story titled Birth of a Christmas Carol.

Join us this weekend when author David G. Woolley shares his Christmas short story with Top of the Morning readers.

Merry Christmas to all.


bon said...

*HALLELUJAH!* You're posting! :) I'm so pleased to know you're upright and conscious, and back at your keyboard. :) Please don't over-do things, okay?!

Sandra said...

Oh, yay! Something to divert my attention from Piaget and Skinner, but mostly Freud.

And I agree with bon, don't over do it. No playing super hero. But if you do, then wear shoes and no capes.

KT said...

I hope you are okay! Hey, I thought you'd want to know that Josue, Daniel, and Laura got their visas and are coming to the U.S. on Saturday! They will be here for a month. I'll let you know more info as I find out, but they will be staying with the Estrada Family if you want to get in touch with them.