Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome Aboard Bonnie

Editor's Note: The Top of the Morning Staff (TOTM) is pleased to welcome its newest editorial member, Bonnie Arbon. During the interview process she told us that her experience in editing has prepared her for the singular task of making the rest of us look good. We're not certain if that's within the realm of possibility, but we here at the Top of the Morning appreciate the sentiment.

We also appreciate the fact that Bonnie turned down a lucrative television offer in order to join our staff. We admit we noticed the resemblance too and confused her for Tina Fey more than once. Poor grammar and spelling now has a face at TOTM. Isn't she cute?

Select a password. Enter a username. And set your permissions. Bonnie Arbon has boarded the Top of the Morning ship. Sink or swim.

We decided to share a portion of her job interview with readers so you can get to know Bonnie the same way we've gotten to know her.

TOTM: Bonnie, thanks for coming, have a seat.

Bonnie: I'll start with soup and salad. Hold the grated cheese.

TOTM: This is a blog Bonnie, not Olive Garden.

Bonnie: Gee. Everything seems so real. My family is real. Don't you just want to reach into your computer screen and give them all a kiss? *Disclaimer: TOTM is not responsible for lip marks on your screen or that soggy green pepper in your salad.

TOTM: So tell us why you think you'd make a good member of the TOTM staff?

Bonnie: I can see Russia from my front porch.

TOTM: Really? In Orem, Utah?

Bonnie: I want to progress the country and this blog.

TOTM: Progress it?

Bonnie: That's right. Progress it. You got a problem with my syntax?

TOTM: Tell us more.

Bonnie: I also do copy editing and t-shirts.

TOTM: T-shirts?

Bonnie: You know. Drill now. Arbon in 2012. Renegade.

TOTM: You mean Maverick?

Bonnie: Why does everyone think they have a right to tell me what I mean? It's not a right. Do you hear me all you media types? Duh? I know what I mean.

TOTM: Sorry.

Bonnie: I also forgive fairly quickly.

TOTM: That's good. We may need a lot of forgiveness for this and future posts.

We wanted to share the rest of the interview with TOTM readers, but Bonnie's team of lawyers from Palin, Palin and McCain contacted us and insisted that would not be in our best interests. With all these high powered petroleum people backing her what else could we do but hire Bonnie without further redress. Bonnie tried to edit that last word as red dress. Creative editing isn't the only skill she brings to the Top of the Morning staff.

She also brought a new wardrobe.

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Sandra said...

Welcome Bonnie. Well, to the staff anyway, You have been around TOTM.

bon said...


Thanks for the welcome! I believe I have a comet by the tail...again! Here's to another great ride!

David G. Woolley said...

Meteor, Bonnie. Meteor.

bon said...

Meteor...comet...whatever! How is it that you have been at the helm of both of them??? ;>

David G. Woolley said...

I didn't know they had helms. Just tails.

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