Sunday, November 09, 2008

Coming Soon: Who's A Nephite?

Editor's Note: The Top of the Morning staff is pleased to invite you back the first of this week when we plan to post author David G. Woolley's "Who's a Nephite". Find out how ancient Nephites viewed themselves, subjects in their loosely affiliated kingdom, rivals, trading partners, enemies and their sacred and secular writings. Its a classic for any reader of the Book of Mormon.

Also coming soon to the Top of the Morning is a post titled Pinpoint, why Book of Mormon scholars are arriving at similar conclusions about Book of Mormon lands. Another fascinating post titled Atlantic Crossing is a look at the Mulekite arrival to the New World and the ancient Mesoamerican river port city of La Venta. You'll also enjoy Land Northward, Land Southward, why Lehi and his family may have re-oriented their Old World compass directions to fit their New World circumstances. A fascinating linguistic look at why Book of Mormon north may be our northwest. And one of our favorites coming off the press soon is The Outsider. Its a look at Sherem the would-be convert turned Anti-Christ and how his story may have influenced the writing of Second Nephi and the Book of Jacob.

Other not-so-Book-of-Mormonish posts include Artificial Sugar, Chicken Soup Nazi, The Zoo, Mission Impossible? and one of our sure-to-be-favorites Base-basket-flyfishing-ball, how David G. Woolley's Idaho brother-in-law saves money on sports registration fees, summer sports camps, and economizes his volunteer coaching time by combining all those sports in one. Its a home run, slam dunk, hundred pound catch of the day balancing act. One that promises to be all in the wrist. In these troubling economic times, maybe Base-basket-flyfishing-ball is perfect for the young sports enthusiast in your family.

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Until Who's a Nephite, Top of the Morning to you.

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