Monday, October 06, 2008

Vacation Plans

Editor's Note: Author David G. Woolley and the Top of the Morning staff have been on a week-long pre-conference/post-Day of Remembrance planning vacation. Sadly the vactaion is over and we're back at the Top of the Morning main floor offices in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.

If you guess correctly where this photo was taken we'll send you the CD version of Day of Remembrance. Enter your guess in the comments section of this post. Good luck. We don't think anyone will win.

Join us this week as we release some of our most anticipated posts including Lehi's 600 year prophecy, Rain Clouds & the Honey Tree, Artificial Sugar, and the Vice Presidential Debates Unplugged.

Until then, Top of the Morning to you.

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Sandra said...

I need to suggest to my boss that our weekly meetings look more like this picture.

bon said...

Wow...from the picture it looks like a FABULOUS planning vacation! Where do I sign up for a spot on the staff? ;>

Kim Thompson said...

Looks like fun. Hey, but wasn't that you I saw out in the rain on the soccer field Saturday? Can't wait for the new posts.

David G. Woolley said...


I suggest either Hawaii or Tahiti this time of year. Can you tell where the Top of the Morning staff took this photo? And aren't they all business? Gotta love the staff. I'm going to start introducing them in the future. Let you meet the wonderful people I work with over here at the Top of the Morning. They are some of the best in the blogging industry and I get them all to myself. I don't know how I got so lucky. Loyal. Dependable. Bright. Well-educated. Well-read. You can't buy employees like these folks. The Top of the Morning is in good hands with the staff. Oh, and good luck with the witch costume. I like the striped tights the best.


If you read the comment to Sandra above, you know we have fairly high standards here at the Top of the Morning. Getting through the door is a chore, but once you're in, the perks are out of this world. Why don't you send me your resume and we'll go from there. davidgratnwoolley at yahoo dot com. That should do for now. Be sure to include a self addressed and stamped envelope and your phone number. We'll call. How are your knees these days?

Kim Thompson:

I sent my evil twin out into the rain. Do you really think I'd risk getting the flu and freeze up these writing fingers with aches and pains. Sheesh.

I can teach you a lot about the writing industry. Just stick with me here at the Top of the Morning. Next up? How to sneeze on the computer screen and not let any of the gunk show. I call it the "virtual sneeze"!

Thanks for all your off beat, underfunded, nosy comments. I'll expect more from each of you along with some feedback about this week's posts.

All the best,

David G. Woolley

Sandra said...

I was going to be a smart alec and say "The beach" but it is too early in the morning to be smarty. So I would guess..Lake Atitlan Guatemala?

And I was leaning more towards the striped tights. I think neon green.

Francie Jenson said...

This confirms it Dave, the schizophrenia is not only diagnosed but clearly deeply entrenched. So that's how you manage to keep so many balls in the air at one time ...

I'd comment on the meeting location but I'm too depressed that a visit to a New Zealand beach is not planned any time soon. Life is just so unfair.

bon said...

You want my phone number??? Are you KIDDING me? You'd have it on speed dial in no time, and I'd be looking up phone numbers to turf farms, or something or other! No way, Jose! ;>

Rachelle said...

How about Utah Lake, although I don't think they have pretty sand like that. Maybe it wasn't taken anywhere and you just photo-shopped those people onto a beach scene. :)Now I'm being smart-alecky.

Francie Jenson said...

No way, Bonnie! I've was just asked to look up a turf farm phone number yesterday. Seriously. Apparently Dave's never heard of 411 ...

I'd be worried about it becoming a problem, only I know its only a matter of time before he drops his phone into a body of standing water again. Once all those stored numbers are washed away, I can escape to my NZ beach and not leave a forwarding number. :)

Sandra said...

Ok, Bonnie and Francie, I have a brother that lives in Australia and I haven't been down there to see him. Shall I see if he can get us a deal on a trip to NZ if we stop by his house firtst?

Noelle said...

Dave, unless this is the trip you conned Ryan into taking you on...Hawaii I think it was?...then I say it's a made up picture. :)

bon said...


I have never been to New Zealand, but Francie hails from there, and has a seriously cute accent! :) I'm all for a trip to someplace warm!!


I think Dave is now allergic to standing bodies of water (at least he used to tell our boys to stay FAR AWAY from anything resembling something bigger than a bathtub) so I don't know how close he might come to losing his phone again. Besides, I think he has it on a lanyard now! :>