Sunday, June 29, 2008


by David G. Woolley
Editor's note: those who do not learn history are condemned to repeat it. Turkeys are no exception.

The Thanksgiving fowl is in the news this week. The Moroni, UT feed company, part owner of the Norbest label, will suspend its operations in November. They guarantee plenty of turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday at affordable prices. They had no comment about Christmas.

Economic down turn, flooding, and energy are the culprits. Its a lesson in economics. Twelve percent of the US corn crop was destroyed in June flooding. Its amazing what a few muskrat dens will do to earthen levees along the Iowa, Des Moines and Mississippi rivers right when you need them to stand up and take their water like cement.

Nearly twenty five percent of the US corn crop has been sold for alternative ethanol fuel production. Ethanol producers receive a government subsidy of 51 cents per gallon to refine corn into fuel. There are no subsidies for turkey farmers. They have to refine corn into drum sticks at market prices.

Then there's the US dollar. The poor thing is sliding like a roller-skating elephant on a greased ramp compared to other currencies. The US corn crop has never been so cheap for international buyers. Its never been so expensive for the Moroni feed company. Close to one thousand employees stand to lose their jobs at least temporarily beginning after Thanksgiving and lasting until March when operations are scheduled to resume.

Reaction to the bad turkey news was varied. Some blamed the dollar. Some blamed President bush. Some blamed the democrats controlling legislation in congress. Others saw increased burdens for tax payers supporting the unemployed. There were no positive reactions.

Hindsight: Those who find the silver lining in the storm are usually the ones who find a way to weather well the toughest of times.

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Until then, Top of the Morning to you.

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Sandra said...

I, for one, do not believe in coincedences. I believe that things happen for a reason and usually there is a lesson to learn somewhere. Since Thursday, I have come across references to the Hebrew calendar at least 4 times. Today I was doing a post on patriotic songs and their word meaning when I found out that the original 4th verse to America the Beautiful contained the word jubilee. Now you will be posting on the Hebrew calendar this next week.
I am just wondering what it is that I need to know. I'll be looking forward to your post. Maybe then I will have figured it out.

David G. Woolley said...


Wow. How interesting that the Hebrew calendar has been a theme for you this week. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. The most mysterious being how in the world he trusts mere mortals to help each other out. We're not professionals, but since we're all he's got, I suppose we have to do the best we can.

Life is a puzzle. Good luck figuring out yours this week.

All the best,

David G. Woolley